Burnham Brown Technology

Burnham Brown is a technologically advanced law firm. In 1989, the firm was one of the first law firms in the San Francisco Bay Area to launch a firmwide local area network connecting all attorneys and support staff. Today, Burnham Brown clients receive efficient and cost-effective service through the firm's automated communication and document management systems. A sample of the firm's use of technology is described below:

Electronic Mail Communications and Document Transfer

Burnham Brown attorneys routinely communicate with clients around the globe through e-mail and internet portal communication systems. All attorneys have immediate access to internet resources and automated legal research services. Further efficiencies have been introduced through the use of voice recognition software and multi-media litigation support systems.


Burnham Brown's Information Systems Department is well equipped to provide document security through the latest methods of encryption and electronic signature verification.

Unified Messenger Technology

Most recently, the firm has implemented the state of the art Octel Unified Messenger from Lucent Technologies. This advanced technology permits Burnham Brown attorneys to receive and respond to e-mail messages, voice mail messages and facsimile messages from any touchtone phone 24 hours a day.

Automated Time and Billing Systems

Because we know clients are concerned with the cost of legal services, we have implemented state of the art time and billing systems to ensure our clients receive prompt and accurate information regarding the services we provide. Burnham Brown uses a leading legal accounting software package currently available and employs best business practices to respond timely and accurately to all client needs.

Remote Access

Burnham Brown attorneys have prompt access to the firm's resources from remote locations by using cloud solutions. This access enables our attorneys to respond to client demands whether in the office or on the road.

Technology Culture

As a mid-size law firm, Burnham Brown recognizes the need to maintain a competitive advantage. By employing advanced technology and motivated attorneys and staff, Burnham Brown provides clients with the resources needed to excel in the New Economy.

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