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Working at Burnham Brown

Burnham Brown balances quality of work and life by acknowledging the importance of personal development and professional growth, as well as the value of individual interests, goals and endeavors.  Built upon 113 years of steady growth, Burnham Brown offers a dynamic and challenging work environment that is based on a commitment to high standards.  We are dedicated to providing a rich culture, defined by our core values of mutual respect, integrity and opportunity for all.

We are constantly discovering new ways to serve our clients, invigorate our attorneys, encourage our employees, and increase our presence and involvement in our community.  The growth and development of our firm is supported by an extraordinary team of lawyers, staff and management.

Burnham Brown provides excellent employment opportunities and views all employees as integral parts of a winning team.  Accordingly, we regularly recruit highly motivated people to join our staff.

If you are interested in learning more about the career opportunites at Burnham Brown, please contact:

Burnham Brown
Tel:  (510) 444-6800
Fax: (510) 835-6666

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