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Burnham Brown’s Employment Group Courts a 6-0 Record before the Labor Commissioner In 2013

By: Cathy L. Arias

To date in 2013, Burnham Brown attorneys defended clients in over 25 matters before the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE) also known as the Labor Commissioner’s Office.  The DLSE was established to adjudicate wage claims, investigate discrimination and public works complaints, and enforce Labor Code statutes and Industrial Welfare Commission Orders.  The Labor Commissioner’s Office preliminarily sets most claims for an initial informal conference where settlement is discussed and most disputes are resolved.  If unresolved, the cases proceed to trial before an Administrative Law Judge. 


Burnham Brown has extensive experience advocating for employers at administrative hearings where documentary evidence and live testimony are presented in response to varied allegations such as non-payment of wages, failure to provide meal and/or rest breaks, and unpaid overtime or vacation pay.  The expertise of Burnham Brown’s employment attorneys has helped us to achieve a 6-0 record in favor of our employment clients in 2013.  When faced with a Labor Commissioner dispute, please call one of Burnham Brown’s experienced employment attorneys for assistance.